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Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH) was incorporated in Hong Kong on 23 September 1977 under the Companies Ordinance, as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital. It began operation on 1 October 1977 and the establishment of CASH was officially announced at a press conference on 20 October 1977.

Back in 1946, The Performing Rights Society (PRS) in the UK set up an agency in Hong Kong to protect music copyright of its members and members of its overseas affiliated societies and collect performing royalties for them. By the 1970s, a growing demand for local Cantonese music was seen and a group of active and enthusiastic local composers in Hong Kong were of utmost interest to cooperate for their mutual benefits, leading PRS to reach an agreement with a group of music creators in 1977 and establish CASH.

  • Administer and enforce collectively the rights of composers and authors of musical works subsisting under the Copyright Ordinance of the HKSAR. CASH at present administers the copyright of musical works for over three million local members and members from more than 80 overseas affiliated societies. All royalties after deduction of its administrative costs are distributed in full to local members and overseas affiliated societies
  • Protect the rights of CASH members under local copyright regulations in near 200 territories throughout the world by means of reciprocal representation agreements with overseas affiliated societies
  • Educate the public on copyright issues, reinforce the public’s respect of music creators’ works by enhancing music copyright awareness
  • Promote and sponsor musical activities, encourage local composition and award music scholarships to enhance the standard of music in Hong Kong
  • Administer public performing, broadcasting, cable transmission, new media channels and reproduction rights in the world repertoire of musical works vested by its members and overseas affiliated societies through licensing, and at the same time, ensure music users to use musical works properly
  • Distribute collected royalties to its members and members of overseas affiliated societies holding the copyright
  • Sponsor local organisations to commission composers to create musical works, and support music-related activities and educational projects to elevate standard in music composition and cultivate talents through the CASH Music Fund

The main responsibilities of the Council are to monitor the internal and external affairs of CASH, set out corporate objectives and strategies, and to review licensing systems and royalty distribution rules regularly. To this end, the Council has established various sub-committees to assist the Council in the respective contexts.

Council of Directors’ Current Members:


Prof. Chan Wing Wah, JP

Writer Directors

Mr Chan Siu Kei

Mr Alvin Leong

Dr Mui Kwong Chiu

Mr Tomy Wai

Publisher Directors

Ms Gallery Chow

Warner Chappell Music, Hong Kong Limited

Mr Jonathan Ho

Fujipacific Music (S. E. Asia) Ltd

Ms Carol Ng

Sony Music Publishing (Hong Kong) Limited

Ms Mimi Chan

Joint General Manager


Ms May Lee

Head of Corporate Communications

Ms Yoko Fung

Head of Documentation and Distribution

Ms Echo Leung

Head of Logistics

Mr Ridgely Wei

Joint General Manager


Mr Yorkie Wan

Head of Information Technology

Ms Iris Szeto

Head of Media and International Business

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