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Eligible applicants are required to provide accurate and complete information with relevant supporting documents. Simply follow the links below to check your eligibility.


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Writer Membership (including composers and/or authors)

  • A holder of Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID);
  • Original composer and/or author;
  • Not a member of other affiliated Societies; and
  • Meeting one of the following conditions within the last two years:
    1. At least ONE original work which was commercially released (e.g. CD/DVD released and could be bought locally in Hong Kong); or
    2. THREE counts of original work which was publicly performed, broadcast or made available at CASH *recognised venues irrespective of the number of works involved.
      *Applicants are suggested to contact Membership Department to enquire whether the venues/platforms of public performances are valid for application.

Publisher Membership

A publishing company/organisation registered in Hong Kong with music publishing as its main objective; and has copyright ownership or publishing right of at least FIVE original published works written by local writers (e.g. CASH members) commercially released in Hong Kong within the last two years. The applicant is not currently a member of other affiliated Societies.

Successor Membership

According to the Copyright Ordinance, copyright expires at the end of the period of 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the composer/author passes away. Therefore, the heir of a deceased CASH writer member is eligible to apply for successor membership. Applicants are required to submit the Probate/Letter of Administration issued by the Hong Kong High Court upon application.

Application Process

All applications are reviewed quarterly and are subject to the approval by the Membership Sub-committee and the Council. The process usually takes around 3-4 months.

Associate & Full Member

A member will be admitted as an Associate Member upon joining. Once he/she receives royalties, he/she will become a Full Member per that calendar year.

An Associate Member and a Full Member shall have the same rights. However, an Associate Member shall not be entitled to vote at any General Meetings, or to nominate or being nominated in the election of Directors.

Member Figures

As of last Council Meeting dated 7 May 2024, CASH members consist of:

Member Type










Membership Fee

No subscription or annual fee is required.