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  • CASH Music Fund

    General Information

    The CASH Music Fund was set up in 1977 when CASH was established. It aims to promote a higher standard of local music composition, to sponsor a wide range of musical activities in Hong Kong and to encourage and develop songwriting talents. The CASH Music Fund is administered by a committee formed by members of the Council of Directors of CASH.

    Over the past years, the CASH Music Fund has sponsored hundreds of music events and projects through Concert/Performance sponsorships, Competition/Award sponsorships, Commissions sponsorships, Publication/Recording sponsorships, Special Projects and Grants (including travel grants for composers to participate in international music festivals/conferences). It has also sponsored a number of international music events held in Hong Kong. In 1994, the CASH Music Scholarship was established for overseas studies in the field of composition.

    The CASH Music Fund Committee meets 4 times a year (normally on January, April, July and October) to approve applications for sponsorships. All applicants should send a written letter by post or e-mail (music.fund@cash.org.hk) to the Head of CASH Music Fund 4-6 months before the proposed music performance/event/project date.


      The CASH Music Fund has sponsored the commissioning of over 750 new works written by more than 180 CASH composers for over 200 performing groups such as Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Guitar Orchestra, Wuji Ensemble, Chinese Music Virtuosi, Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, Hong Kong String Quartet, Hong Kong Wind Kamerata, King's Harmonica Quintet, Four Gig Heads, Gloves Handbell, Hong Kong Music Society, Hong Kong Oratorio Society, Hong Kong Children's Choir, Yip's Children's Choir, Allegro Singers, Bel Canto Singers, Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company and Miranda Chin Dance Company.

      Submission of Application

      An application letter should include the following:

      Details of concert/performance including date, venue and programme information.
      Details of the proposed new work including duration, instrumentation and number of performers.
      Information about the organiser and/or applicant*(*applicant must be a local registered organisation).
      Information about the performing group/musicians.
      Biography of the composer of the proposed new work.
      Proposed commission fee.
      Contact information of the applicant (name, address, phone number and e-mail address).
      Conditions of Commissioning Sponsorship

      After the CASH Music Fund Sub-Committee meeting, a written reply will be sent to each applicant regarding the result of the application.

      All commissioning sponsorships will include the following conditions:

      We will be acknowledged in the house programme (and other publicity materials such as posters, leaflets and press releases as appropriate) that this new work is "commissioned by 'the applicant' in 'the current year' with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund."
      We will receive one copy of the house programme and one copy of the music score of the commissioned work. These materials may be donated to Hong Kong Central Library's Hong Kong Music Collection in due course. Upon receipt of the score and house programme, we will forward the commission fee to the composer.
      We will receive one copy of the live recording (audio and/or video) of the new work, if available. The live recording may be donated to Hong Kong Central Library's Hong Kong Music Collection in due course.

      The CASH Music Scholarship for overseas studies will be awarded to an outstanding student who needs financial assistance to undertake postgraduate study in music composition at a university or an acceptable educational institution outside Hong Kong. The maximum value of the scholarship is HK$200,000 for the normal duration of one academic year.

      Application Criteria
      Applicant should be a Hong Kong resident with a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.
      Applicant should preferably be 30 years of age or under at the time the scholarship commences.
      Applicant should have completed undergraduate study majoring in music at a university in Hong Kong.
      How to Apply
      1) Call for applications will be announced at the beginning of the year and the application deadline is around mid April.
      2) Application Form and Information Note can be downloaded from the CASH website.
      3) Each applicant is required to submit together with the Application Form the music scores and audio recordings (if available) of 3 original compositions of diverse style or media of expression written by himself/herself as basis to demonstrate musical ability and potential for success in furthering study in the field of music composition.
      4) Each applicant is also required to provide confidential statements from 2 persons in support of his/her application. These reference letters should be sent directly to the Head of CASH Music Fund on or before the closing date.
      5) Completed Application Form and other required documents should reach the CASH office on or before the closing date. Late applications will not be considered.
      Selection Process
      1) In considering applications, the Scholarship Committee will have regard to the musical talents as well as academic and personal qualities of the candidates; and to their expected future contribution to Hong Kong.
      2) Preference will be given to applicants going abroad to study for the first time.
      3) Selection will be based on merit and very high standards will be expected of the successful candidate. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to award any scholarship in any given year if candidates are judged not to have sufficient merit.
      4) The decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final. In no circumstance will the Committee be required to explain to applicants or their representatives why any application has or has not been successful.
      Recipients of CASH Music Scholarship

      2017-2018 Lun Wai Kit Edward Master in Composition
      - Royal College of Music, London (England)
      2016-2017 Tang Ho Ling Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games
      - Berklee College of Music, Valencia (Spain)
      2015-2016 Chan Ho Yi Master of Composition
      - Royal College of Music, London (England)
      2014-2015 Yiu Siu Lung Major in Sonic Arts
      Goldsmiths, University of London (England)
      2013-2014 Yip Sau Man Master in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games
      - Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus (Spain)
      2012-2013  Chan Kai Young  Doctor of Philosophy in Composition – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) 
      2011-2012 - -
      2010-2011 Chen Yeung Ping Doctor of Philosophy in Composition - University of California, San Diego (USA)
      2009-2010 - -
      2008-2009 Lam Fung Doctor of Philosophy in Composition - University of Sussex, Brighton (England)
      2007-2008 Kwong Chin Wai, Charles Master of Music - King's College, University of London, London (England)
      2006-2007 Pang Chun Ting Master of Music - New England Conservatory, Boston (USA)
      2005-2006 - -
      2004-2005 Tsang Lai Ming, Stella Postgraduate Diploma in Composition - Royal College of Music, London (England)
      2003-2004 Lam On Ki, Angel Doctor of Music - Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA)
      2002-2003 Yau May Kay Master of Music - Royal Academy of Music, London (England)
      2001-2002 Chan Kwong Yeung, Alan

      Ip Kim Ho
      Master of Music - University of Missouri, Kansas City (USA)
      Doctor of Music - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (Scotland)
      2000-2001 - -
      1999-2000 Cheung Pui Shan, Florence Master of Music - University of California, San Diego (USA)
      1998-1999 Tang Man Ngai, Imen Master of Music - Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, South Brisbane (Australia)
      1997-1998 Yip Shu Kin Master of Music - Rice University, Houston (USA)
      1996-1997 Pang Chun Kit Master of Music - New England Conservatory, Boston (USA)
      1995-1996 So Ting Cheong, Lewis Artist Diploma Program - Yale University, New Haven (USA)
      1994-1995 Tsang Yiu Kwan Master of Music - The Boston Conservatory, Boston (USA)



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