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CASH Hall of Fame Awards 1998 – Lin Sheng Shih (1914-1991) Harold Wei (1906-1993) Wong Fook Ling (1925-1989)

Mr. Lin Sheng Shih (1914-1991)
Mr. Lin Sheng Shih is one of the most important Chinese composers in the 20th century. His contributions towards music education and composing in Hong Kong and China are widely recognised and have earned him numerous awards. His compositions include vocal, instrumental, orchestral works and operas.

Mr. Harold Wei (1906-1993)
Mr. Harold Wei, as the first generation of poets for new music in China, has made great contributions towards the Chinese art songs. He collaborated with a number of composers and produced more than 300 beautiful poems.

Mr. Wong Fook Ling (1925-1989)
Mr. Wong Fook Ling composed music for movies and record companies, producing a number of great hits with sweeping popularity throughout South East Asia. The piece “Never Ending Love” not only won him numerous awards but was also translated into other languages and remains one of the forever hits among music lovers.