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CASH Hall of Fame Awards 2002 – Cheng Kok Kong

Mr. Cheng Kok Kong has written more than 2,200 lyrical works for the Hong Kong music scene and his widely acclaimed skills have been recognized at many prestigious awards ceremonies. One of the most memorable was RTHK’s The 4th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards Presentation Ceremony (1981) where he was presented with five Gold Songs Awards. In 1984, he won the Best Film Song in The 4th Hong Kong Film Festival with ‘A Brief Encounter’. For six consecutive years, from 1987 to 1992, he was bestowed with the CASH Highest Number of Active Works Performed Award. His unique talents were acknowledged with the Lyricist of the Year 1990 Award presented by Hong Kong Artists’ Guild. And in 1993, he won the Golden Needle Award, representing the highest honor of RTHK’s Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards.