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CASH Volunteer Activtiy – Bird Watching X Hand Flute at Nam Sang Wai


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In March, CASH held a volunteer activity “Bird Watching X Hand Flute at Nam Sang Wai”, inviting instructors from the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and the Hong Kong Hand Flute Association to lead a group of over fifty people, including children, parents from the Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service for Young People – Tak Tin, and volunteers from CASH, to visit Nam Sang Wai and experience the joy of bird watching and flute playing outdoors.

On the sunny day, the volunteer team, children, and parents first visited the Nam Sang Wai Fishpond Education Kiosk to learn about bird ecology and observe various migratory birds along the way. Later, they arrived at the Nam Sang Wai large grassland to learn hand flute playing together and enjoy the music jamming performance by hand flute and other musical instruments. Participants even joined in the performance and singing, creating a lively atmosphere. Finally, there was a group game session where everyone enthusiastically participated, making it a joyful and fulfilling day for all!