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CASH Hall of Fame Awards 2018 – Lowell Lo

Lowell Lo (LoLo) has been one of the signature singer-songwriter icons in the 80’s. Since entering the music scene with ‘Tian Niao’, he has worked even harder on composing music with numerous works and each with its unique charm. Many renowned classic tunes were composed by LoLo, including George Lam’s ‘Zui Ai Shi Shei’, Michael Kwan’s ‘Tian Lai… Xing He Chuan Shuo’, Julie Sue’s ‘Ping Zhao Ai’, Jacky Cheung’s ‘Tian Bian Di Bian Qing Bu Bian’ and so on. Among these, ‘Yi Sheng Suo Ai’ and ‘Pei Zhe Ni Zou’ became very famous, and were constantly covered by singers for decades. At the same time, LoLo also composed film scores and songs for over a hundred films. His musical works were widely recognised on the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has won ‘Best Film Song’ three times at the Hong Kong Film Awards and he was also awarded ‘Best Original Film Score’ with the movie Painted Faces at The Golden Horse Awards of Taiwan. In recent years, LoLo often applies new techniques, new thoughts and new interpretations to his music, bringing surprises to both new and old music lovers.