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CASH Hall of Fame Award 2012

Mr. Lin Xi, a renowned lyricist since the mid-1980s. Over two decades Lin has written more than three thousand pieces, and he is the Hong Kong lyricist with the largest number of pop works. His early work “Smoking Woman” written for a song contest for the band Raidas had made him well known rapidly. In the early 1990s, Lin worked with Lo Tayu and joined Music Factory. Throughout this period, he produced many locally-inspired classics like “Queen’s Road East”, “Childlike Innocence” and “Looks like an Old Friend Cometh”, etc. Lin’s lyrics cover a broad variety of subjects. Some of his thought-provoking and philosophical pieces include the affectionately known “Shall We Talk”, “Tian Shui. Wai City”, which reflects social ills; “Guanshiyin” which talks about life’s philosophy, and “Flying Frost in June” which hints at unusual natural phenomena.