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CASH Hall of Fame Award 2019

Calvin Poon was one of the iconic lyricists of the Hong Kong music scene in the 80s and 90s. Starting with the theme song ‘Warm and Clear Current in the Corrupted World’ for the RTHK TV series Warm and Sweet Collection, to Alan Tam’s ‘Love Trap’ which earned him great popularity, he has written nearly a thousand works and has brought a variety of elements and colours to the culture of Cantopop.

Since the 80s, Calvin’s works, from pop songs to film songs, have filled the airwaves and circulated widely, with numerous classics including ‘She Is Afar’, ‘Behind The Wedding Dress’, ‘Vulnerable Woman’, ‘Who Can Understand A Wanderer’s Heart’, ‘Who Can I Depend On’, ‘My Most Beloved’, ‘With This Love’, ‘Two-Hearted Flower’ and many more, which could be heard in every Chinese community. As well as soft, emotional songs, Calvin has also written many lyrics on non-love subjects related to the city, society and philosophy of life. Songs including ‘We Should Be Very Happy Today’, ‘Ten Fire Fighting Juveniles’, ‘Do You Still Love Me?’ were all significant pieces.

In recent years, Calvin has used the name of Yuan Liangban to cooperate with various singers of the new generation and has written many hit songs. He also organised a concert of derivative works. All these have helped to promote the continuation of Cantopop culture. He keeps on writing one touching song after another for the city, both in good times and bad times.