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Musician Interview – Austin Yip

Austin Yip graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with Bachelor of Arts in Music and received MPhil and PhD in Composition from the HKU. He is currently a Council Member and the Treasurer of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, Chairman of the Toolbox Percussion Advisory Board and lecturer at the Department of Music of the HKBU. In 2017, he was awarded ‘Best Serious Composition’ of the ‘CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ for the work Metamorphosis. In recent years, in order to enrich the diversification and elevate the level of his works, Austin has tried to compose different genres of music proactively which has made him improve through constant learning.

This video includes selected clips from the Interview “Dedication‧Experimentation‧Contemplation‧Austin Yip’s Formula to Success” for CASHFLOW Issue 86. To read the full text of the interview, click here. For CASHFLOW Issue 86, please click here.

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Interview with Austin Yip – Part 1 (9’56”)
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Interview with Austin Yip – Part 2 (10’21”)