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Musician Interview – Tse Hue Ying

Tse Hue Ying graduated from the School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. In 2014, she established Hong Kong Xiqu Troupe and received the ‘Award for Young Artist (Xiqu)’ at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 the year after. She not only loves performing, but is also dedicated to creating new plays with a view to attract new audience to inherit the legacy of Cantonese operas.

This video includes selected clips from “Cantonese Opera — Creativity amidst Tradition” for CASHFLOW Issue 84. To read the full text of the interview, click here. For CASHFLOW Issue 84, please click here.

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Interview with Tse Hue Ying – Part 1 (11’31”)
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Interview with Tse Hue Ying – Part 2 (9’24”)