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  1. All the above royalty rates are related to the base figure of 101.0 (2019/2020-based) of the Consumer Price Index B published by the Census and Statistics Department for April 2021 and are subject to adjustment in proportion to changes in that index figure for the month three months preceding the date upon which the annual royalty falls due for payment in respect of the year for which the revised annual royalty is calculated.


Annual Royalties for the Licence Year commencing on 1 Jan 2022:

Annual Royalty Rate(s)

101.3 [CPI(B) for Oct 2021]

101.0 [CPI(B) for Apr 2021]

2. Please refer to the full text of Royalty Charge Schedules for other terms and conditions

Bowling Centres

Background Music (Mechanical Performance)

Background Music (Mechanical Performance)

Annual Royalty Rate

No. of Bowling Lanes

For the first 20 bowling lanes, for each bowling lane


Thereafter up to 30 bowling lanes, for each additional bowling lane


Thereafter, for each additional bowling lane


Visual Music Performance

Visual Music Performance

Annual Royalty Rate

For each video screen