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Greater Bay Area Youth Music Creation Camp 2024

We believe that every musician possesses their unique voice and creativity. Through this event, we aim to foster young musicians to discover their musical style, showcase their distinct creativity, and connect people with the transcendence power of music beyond geographical boundaries. Meanwhile, we hope to inspire the creativity of the participants in a joyful atmosphere, showcase their talents, collaboratively create the musical wonder of this era!

Date: 25 – 28 June 2024 (Tue to Fri)
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong)
Music Camp Director: Mak Chun Hung
Guest speakers: Loudboy, Cousin Fung, Siu Hak, Phil Lam, Siu Tung (in no particular order)
Tutors: Sara Fung, Claudia Koh, Kenny Wong, Mark Tai (in no particular order)
Application deadline: 11.59pm on 8 April 2024
Seats for HK participants: 4 persons

Email:[email protected]

Tel:2846 3272

Participants’ Eligibility

  • Hong Kong applicant must be a Hong Kong resident with a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.
  • Participants must be musicians aged between 18 and 35, and participate on own entity. Four participants (either composer or lyricist) are selected by each region, 12 persons in total.
  • Applicants shall complete the application form and Terms and Conditions, provide their personal profile along with an introduction and audio demo file of their original composition (MP3 or WAV format) for internal screening and grouping reference. During the screening process, participants might be invited for a face-to-face interview.


Screening criteria

  • The Screening Committee comprised of Music Camp Director Mak Chun Hung, CASH Director Tomy Wai, and veteran music critics Manfred Wong. They will review submissions from participants including their personal profile, the creativity and standards of their original compositions and interview performance if appropriate to determine the final list of Hong Kong participants.


Click here to apply (only available in Chinese)


Download Terms and Conditions (only available in Chinese)

Download Music Camp Director’s profile (only available in Chinese)

Download Guest Speakers’ profiles (only available in Chinese)

Download tutors’ profiles (only available in Chinese)

Remark: Seats are limited. Decision of the organisers should be deemed final.

CASH Volunteer Activtiy – Bird Watching X Hand Flute at Nam Sang Wai

In March, CASH held a volunteer activity “Bird Watching X Hand Flute at Nam Sang Wai”, inviting instructors from the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and the Hong Kong Hand Flute Association to lead a group of over fifty people, including children, parents from the Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service for Young People – Tak Tin, and volunteers from CASH, to visit Nam Sang Wai and experience the joy of bird watching and flute playing outdoors.

On the sunny day, the volunteer team, children, and parents first visited the Nam Sang Wai Fishpond Education Kiosk to learn about bird ecology and observe various migratory birds along the way. Later, they arrived at the Nam Sang Wai large grassland to learn hand flute playing together and enjoy the music jamming performance by hand flute and other musical instruments. Participants even joined in the performance and singing, creating a lively atmosphere. Finally, there was a group game session where everyone enthusiastically participated, making it a joyful and fulfilling day for all!

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra “The Insect World”

Maestro Doming Lam was dubbed “the father of modern music in Hong Kong”. His works have carved a new vision for composers in the city. In this tribute to the late maestro, the HKCO has selected three works it commissioned and premiered, which embody his creative direction, viz. in his own words, “asserting one’s roots from the past, while breaking new ground through the avant-garde.” These works actively integrate the ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments into modern and symphonic contexts. Wherever his works are performed, they are welcomed by music enthusiasts and admired by younger composers.


Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra “The Insect World”
6/4/2024 (Sat) 8:00pm

Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Sponsor: SUPREME 5G
Conductor: 閻惠昌
Piano: JohnnyYim
Shakuhachi: Sun Yongzhi
Recitation by: Ambrose Lung, Berenice Lung, Callum Lung

Hong Kong Film Music Fiesta – Rhythm of Martial Arts Music Concert (CASH Members Only)

For more details, please visit the following webpage. Please fill in as a CASH member when registering:



The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards – Award Results Announced

The ‘2023 CASH Annual Dinner cum Golden Sail Music Awards Presentation’ was successfully held on 6 November 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nearly 800 guests including friends from the music industry, honourable guests from government officials and business sectors, as well as our clients and members to support the talk of the town event.

A total of 10 awards namely ‘Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition’, ‘Best Serious Composition’, ‘Best Melody’, ‘Best Lyrics’, ‘Best Arrangement’, Best Vocal Collaborations’ , ‘Best Performance by a Band’, Best Vocal Performance by a Female Artist’, and Best Vocal Performance by a Male Artist’ and ‘Best CASH Song’ were presented.

‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ Press Conference Successfully Held

‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ press conference was held on 18 October at The Mira Hong Kong. The Society revealed the finalists of ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’and presented the ‘2022 CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Awards’.

The results of ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ will be revealed and presented at the ‘2023 CASH Annual Dinner cum Golden Sail Music Awards Presentation’ to be held on 6 November 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.



Click here for ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ finalists list (in Chinese)
Click here for ‘2022 CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Awards’ awards list (in Chinese)


Live Broadcast of ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ Press Conference

‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ press conference will be held on 18 October (Wed). The Society will reveal the finalists of ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ and present the ‘2022 CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Awards’. The press conference will commence at 3pm and it will be live broadcast through the official Facebook page of the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards. You are welcome to watch the live broadcast through the link below:

2023 CASH Director Election – Results Announced

CASH Director election was held at the 45th Annual General Meeting on 28 September 2023. There were three vacancies of Writer Director and two vacancies of Publisher Director in the Council. The three retiring Writer Directors and one retiring Publisher Director being eligible, offer themselves for re-election. Election results were as follows:

Re-elected Writer Directors

Mr Chan Siu Kei

Mr Alvin Leong (R4)

Dr Mui Kwong Chiu (L4)

Re-elected Publisher Director

Ms Carol Ng (R3)               Sony Music Publishing (Hong Kong) Limited

The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards – First Round Election Commences (CASH Members Only)

Upon the nomination stage of ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’, the ‘Awards Consultation Committee’ has confirmed and finalised the nominations of all categories. The First Round Election of the Awards now commences. Please return the signed Voting Form via e-mail, WhatsApp or fax to our official accountants ‘Patrick Wong CPA Limited’ before the deadline. Please refer to the Voting Form for more details.

Please download the following information and form:

First Round Voting Form

Awards & Judging Criteria

Rules of Election

Nominations of All Awards Categories:

CASH Best Song

Best Melody

Best Lyrics

Best Arrangement

Best Serious Composition

Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition

Best Vocal Collaborations

Best Performance by a Band

Best Vocal Performance by a Female Artist

Best Vocal Performance by a Male Artist

If you wish to listen to the nominated works of ‘Best Serious Composition’ and ‘Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition’ which were first publicly performed earlier before casting your vote, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards – Call for Nominations (CASH Members Only)

CASH is now inviting all members to demonstrate your support to ‘The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ by nominating your favourite works, songwriters and performers. The eligible period for this year’s Awards is from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023. In addition, the ‘Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition’ is introduced this year to recognise outstanding musical works among them. Please read through Awards & Judging Criteria and Rules of Election, and return the completed Nomination Form by e-mail, WhatsApp or fax to our official accountants ‘Patrick Wong CPA Limited’ before the deadline.

Click here for Nomination Form
Click here for Awards & Judging Criteria
Click here for Rules of Election
Click here for Parent’s / Guardian’s Consent Form (as applicable)

Recipient of the CASH Music Scholarship 2023/2024 Announced

Sponsored by the CASH Music Fund, the CASH Music Scholarship for Overseas Studies 2023/2024 has been awarded to Ng Yan To. He will pursue Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games at Berklee College of Music.

Ng graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and he is now a composer for screen and theatre. He has recently composed for several feature films and television shows, including films Say I Do To Me36649 (2022 Fresh Wave), Xin Li You Shu, Love In 50 Meters, television shows Forensic JD and PTU, and documentary Lights Up Again . His short film, A Summer Lucid Summer, competed for the Student Academy Awards in ‘Oscar’. Other recent additional music projects include, Sunny Side Of The Street and Caught In Time.

Aside from film music, Ng is also active in composing commercial and theatre musical works. He recently composed music for a car launch show ‘The Magical Journey With EQE SUV, Ant Ranger, a dance theatre production by Rice Journey Production, Crap Voice Ensemble, a musical produced by Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre, as well as Revolution Road (additional music).

Ng received several scholarships during his undergraduate studies, including the Parsons Outstanding Composition Student for Creative Music Scholarship, JK & Ingrid Lee Creative Project Fund, and The Lions Music Charity Foundation Scholarships.


Ng Yan To

New Award — ‘Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition’, The 21st CASH Golden Sail Music Awards

‘CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ will celebrate its 21st anniversary this year. In order to support local serious music creations, a new award named ‘Best Young Composer’s Serious Composition’ is to be introduced. The writers of the nominated works must be aged 35 or below and fulfil specific eligibility requirements. The Society hopes to attract more young composers to participate and make the music creations more diversified. As usual, members will receive the nomination form on 1 August and they can nominate their own or other members’ works. The Society looks forward to receiving members’ overwhelming responses and making ‘CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ the most anticipated event, as always.