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The Society is committed to promoting the electronic communication and allowing members to receive newsletters, publications and various information through e-mail for reducing paper consumption and protecting the environment. To encourage more members to support, the Society will donate HK$10 to Friends of the Earth (HK) upon each successful registration of an e-mail for future correspondence by a member who currently receives communications in paper form. Please act immediately, fill in the ‘Future Correspondence Update’ column in the ‘Member Information Update’ form by downloading, and send it to the Society by e-mail on or before 31 October, together with any personal information update required.

In addition, members can now scan this ‘QR code’ to read the latest issue of the CASHFLOW newsletter anytime, anywhere.

First ‘Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Collective Management of Copyright in Musical Works Forum’ Successfully Held

The Society, in collaboration with the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC) and the Macau Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (MACA), co-organised the first ‘Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Collective Management of Copyright in Musical Works Forum’ held in the SZRX Hotel on 8 June 2023.

The topics of the forum were ‘Music Creation, Collective Management of Copyright in Musical Works, and Development in Cultural Industries. There were three sessions with an opening speech, a MOU signing ceremony, and roundtable discussions. The event was attended by about 80 participants, including the senior government officials, and representatives of international organisation and societies in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau as well as prominent musicians, and legal, academic and industry representatives.

The successful hosting of the forum has brought closer cooperation among musical works collective management organisations in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau, further promoting development in cultural industries, and widening and deepening communications in the Greater Bay Area and even internationally.


‘The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarships’ of the CUHK Announced

Sponsored by the CASH Music Fund and presented by the CUHK, ‘The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarships 2022/23’ have been awarded to the following students from the Department of Music.

Tsz Ying is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Music and is currently a final year student studying composition with Prof. Chan Kai Young, Dr Lo Hau Man and Prof. Wendy Lee. She is passionate in designing sounds and music for creative media, including games, animations and films. She is constantly working with game developers and student directors to explore how music and sounds enhance the possibility of storytelling.

Hong Yu is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Music and is currently a final year student studying violin under the tutelage of James Cuddeford. His works include the collaborative project A date with Dogs which he composed for one year creates interactive installations and music for dogs with public performances and garden tours. He was commissioned by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild last year to write a chamber piece featuring accordion for the ‘Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival: Global Delights’.

The ‘CASH Composition Scholarship’ of the HKAPA Announced

Sponsored by the CASH Music Fund and presented by the HKAPA, the ‘CASH Composition Scholarship 2022/23’ has been awarded to the following student from the School of Music.

Chuen On is pursuing Bachelor of Music (Honours) Degree and studying composition and electronic music with Prof. Clarence Mak and Mr Imen Tang. His works include various styles such as Western and Chinese ensembles, orchestral music, multimedia creations, pop songs and scoring of music. He arranged, designed and composed music for the anniversary drama of the Chung Chi Drama Club, CUHK; Jao Tsung-I Chinese art painting exhibition ‘Lotus Luminous’, Hong Kong Palace Museum exhibition ‘Radiance’ and Hong Kong Arts Festival’s Laila.

CASH Members Jamming Party finally returned!

After a gap of three years, the CASH Members Jamming Party finally returned and was held successfully at the Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery at the end of May. The annual jamming event provides a valuable opportunity for members to exchange music with each other and perform their own original works. This year’s event attracted over 100 members and friends, and the atmosphere was lively.

The Society invited the singer-songwriter JNYBeatz and Delta T, the group The Absent Brother and the band Fiester as guest performers. The musical styles of each of performance teams are different, bringing refreshing performances to the members. And the members jamming on stage also showcased their best musical skills, performing works of different genres during the three-hour event, producing performances that pleased everyone. The Society looks forward to having more members participate in the jamming party in the coming year and sharing the joy of playing music together!

JNYBeatz & Delta T

The Absent Brother

‘CASH Best Singer-songwriter Award’ Announced

Jay Fung, Kaho Hung and Jocelyn Chan received Gold Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award respectively of the ‘CASH Best Singer-songwriter Award’ at the RTHK 95th Anniversary Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award. The award was co-presented by RTHK and CASH.

Jay Fung

Kaho Hung

Jocelyn Chan


Photo provided by: Radio Television Hong Kong and Warner Music Hong Kong

CASH Received 20 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo

This year, the Society received the 20 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of its continued efforts in serving the community.

The Society has always been keen on promoting music creation and music copyright awareness, and will continue to put our care of the society into action.


In Memory of Doming Lam

CASH records with deep sadness the passing of Doming Lam, the ‘Father of New Music in Hong Kong’ on 11 January, 2023. It is a huge loss to the Society and all musicians in the serious music scene. We have since lost a highly respected all-round musician.

Lam’s works have always pioneered in the music industry, and his peers and younger generations would call him ‘Maestro’. He created works according to the rule of ‘Asserting one’s roots from the past; while breaking new ground through the avant-garde’. He created his first successful masterpiece Thanksgiving to Joe-Kwan, the Kitchen God in 1976, and then created Execution and Insect World in 1978 and 1979 respectively. He was praised as the pioneer of creating symphonic works for Chinese folk instruments, and had also inspired many young composers.

Maestro Lam was the founding director of CASH. He has contributed a lot for the development of the Society and actively strived for the greatest rights and interests of music creators, and made great contributions. In 1999, he was awarded the ‘CASH Hall of Fame Award’ by the Society in recognition of his outstanding achievements in music. He moved to Toronto in the 1990s, but his enthusiasm to continue to create music did not stop. His works String Quartet No.2 (5 Settings) and Re-transformation of Xi-Pi won the ‘Best Serious Composition’ of the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards in 2010 and 2012 respectively. He also received the 2006 and 2016 CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Awards – Local Serious Work with the works Insect World and Moonlight Over the Spring River respectively.

Maestro Lam has supported the Society for many years and often attended the Society’s events. He also often gave advice on the Society’s affairs and was very concerned about the development of the Society. We will always remember Maestro Lam’s great contribution to Hong Kong’s serious music and his selfless spirit in promoting the development of the industry. We would like to express our sincere condolences to Maestro Lam’s family and may he rest in peace.

In Memory of Joseph Koo

It is with deep sadness that we mourn the passing of Joseph Koo (Master Koo), the ‘Godfather of Cantopop’ on 3 January, 2023. It is a huge loss to both the Society and all musicians in the Hong Kong music scene.

Master Koo’s music career has lasted over half a century with countless classic works, and his songs have enjoyed great popularity. Originated by Master Koo, a new Cantopop genre incorporating Chinese tunes into pop songs swept through the entire Chinese society in the 1970s and 1980s and made great contributions to Hong Kong pop music. The theme songs of TV dramas he created are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and everyone is familiar with them, including ‘Ti Xiao Yin Yuan’, ‘Kuang Chao’, ‘Yi Tian Tu Long Ji’, ‘Shi Zi Shan Xia’, ‘Shang Hai Tan’, ‘Liang Wang Yan Shui Li’, ‘Wan Shui Qian Shan Zong Heng’ and many more.

Being a founding member of the Society, Master Koo has contributed a lot to the promotion of music creation and copyright in Hong Kong. In 1997, he was awarded the ‘CASH Hall of Fame Award’ by the Society. Master Koo had also maintained contact with the Society over the years and spared no effort to support the younger generations. In 2009, Master Koo and the Society launched the ‘Joseph Koo New Generation Award’ in recognition of local new generation musicians who made outstanding achievements in the music scene.

Master Koo was friendly and easygoing. Every CASH colleague who had come into contact with him would praise his musical talent and shall never forget his kind attitude towards people. We will always remember Master Koo’s great contribution to the Hong Kong pop music scene, as well as his selfless spirit in supporting the younger generation. May Master Koo rest in peace, and we would like to express our deepest condolences to Master Koo’s family.

‘The 20th CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ – Award Winners Highlight

The Society will launch the special series of ‘Award Winners Highlight’ on ‘The 20th CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ Facebook page and CASH website starting from today for a consecutive of three weeks, wherein the award winners will share their feelings and the stories behind the works. You are welcome to watch the videos at:

Facebook page:

CASH website:

Besides, you may click here to browse the photo album of the award winners of ‘The 20th CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’.

‘Music Copyright Online Knowledge Competition’ – Results Announced

The Society announced the results of ‘Music Copyright Online Knowledge Competition’ on the ‘Music Copyright 101’ website: Congratulations to all the winners!

‘The 20th CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ – Results Announced

The Society announced the results of ‘The 20th CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ on ‘CASH Golden Sail Music Awards’ Facebook page. You are welcome to watch the video at: Besides, there will be a special series of ‘Award Winners Highlight’ in December. Stay tuned to our Facebook page!